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Hernán Santa Cruz Dialogue Series: November dialogue


03 November 2022


12pm Bangkok, 2pm Tokyo, 4pm Sydney, 6am Geneva




Human Rights Based Economy: Role of Business Enterprises

The Hernan Santa Cruz Dialogues series brings together scholars, economists, politicians, members of civil society in conversation around the importance of a Human Rights Enhancing Economy Themes including environmental sustainability, gender justice, corporate accountability, and subnational actors.

The November Series is tagged “Human Rights Based Economy: Role of Business Enterprises”
It is against the backdrop that Business Enterprises are central to the current economic system. They generate employment, invest in infrastructure, supply essential goods and services, facilitate transport and access to basic needs, and develop innovative technologies. Yet, we see continued challenges in poverty, inequality, discrimination, conflicts, environmental pollution, loss of biodiversity, and climate crisis. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed various vulnerabilities and fragilities of the current economic system.

In this context, it is natural to ask questions about the role and purpose of business in society. What should companies, and business houses, do differently to contribute to building an inclusive and sustainable economy that works for both present and future generations? Are businesses doing enough? Should they go beyond the principle of "do no harm"? Are the current regulatory approaches providing effective (dis)incentives for businesses to earn "profit with principles"? Panelists in this webinar will explore various issues concerning the transformative role that business enterprises can and should play in addressing systematic changes and, in turn, contribute to building a human rights enhancing economy.


Prof. Ago Shin-ichi, Ritsumeiken University
Ms. Sharan Burrow, International Trade Union Confederation
Ms. Betty Yolanda, Business and Human Rights Resource Center
Mr. Namit Agarwal, World Benchmarking Alliance

Moderator: Prof. Surya Deva, Macquarie University

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