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Side event: Upholding the human rights guiding principle in the Global Compact for Migration


18 - 19 May 2022


1:00pm – 3:00pm (EDT/New York)


Global Compact for Migration



Organizers and co-sponsors

Organized by: Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)  
Cosponsored by: Bangladesh, Colombia, Luxembourg, Mexico, Morocco 


The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM) rests on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the international human rights instruments. At its core, the GCM recognizes that safe, orderly and regular migration is only possible when migrants’ rights and dignity are upheld, and when particular attention is paid to those in vulnerable situations. Through its guiding principle on human rights, States have committed to implement the GCM by ensuring the effective, protection and fulfilment of all migrants, regardless of status, and to eliminate all forms of discrimination against migrants and their families. 

As the leading UN agency on the human rights of migrants, and to support the first International Migration Review Forum (IMRF), OHCHR convened a high-level Side Event on the margins of the IMRF on "Upholding the human rights guiding principle in the Global Compact for Migration".


The Side Event aimed to:

  • encourage better understanding of human rights-based approaches to migration governance;
  • facilitate dialogue and the sharing of promising practices on upholding the human rights guiding principle of the GCM;
  • highlight examples of how States and stakeholder partners are implementing laws, policies and practices that fulfil the vision and objectives of the GCM by prioritizing human rights protection;
  • provide a platform for the exchange of promising actions to reduce migrants’ vulnerability to human rights violations and to provide protection to migrants in vulnerable situations


The Side Event is open to the participation of Member States and other relevant stakeholders, including United Nations entities, representatives of subregional and regional organisations, international human rights mechanisms, national human rights institutions, civil society organisations, migrants, and relevant stakeholders from across the world. Participants are encouraged to intervene in an interactive way, through questions, comments and sharing of experiences, promising practices and challenges as well as suggested recommendations on the way forward, with a view to stimulating a constructive debate. The Side Event is being held in English only.



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