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Day of General Discussion on General Comment on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and Sustainable Development


24 February 2023


The Committee is currently in the process of developing a General Comment on economic, social and cultural rights and sustainable development. This General Comment will address challenges of achieving sustainable development in light of planetary boundaries and limited natural resources, while also respecting, protecting and fulfilling human rights, particularly the rights in the Covenant. The Day of General Discussion will serve as final step in the Committee’s process of consulting with relevant stakeholders before producing a first draft of the General Comment following numerous consultations held since 2020 (see background below).

Practical information and registration

The Discussion Day will take place on 24 February 2023 from 10:00 – 13:00 and 15:00-18:00. Relevant experts will participate in panels throughout the day with slots allocated for non-panellist participants to ask questions and participate in the discussion. The draft program is available here. The Discussion Day is also broadcast on UN Web TV.

To register for the Discussion Day please use the Indico platform, by clicking here.

The Discussion Day took place on 24 February 2023. A summary of the Day of General Discussion has been made by the GI-ESCR and can be found here. Please note that the OHCHR is not responsible for external content.

Next steps

Following the Day of General Discussion, the Committee will produce a first draft of the General Comment later in 2023. This first draft will be published to gather input from stakeholders. After considering these inputs, the Committee plans to produce a revised draft of this General Comment No. 27 on Sustainable Development.


The process of developing the General Comment began in 2018 with an internal discussion in the Committee. This was followed by the development of an Issues Paper (English | Français | Español) which identified ten key issues for further discussion. Based on this Issues Paper, the Committee held five online Regional Consultations inviting local non-governmental organisations, national human rights institutions, and researchers to share their perspectives on the relevant issues. For the first time, the Committee also held three Regional Child Consultations which were organised alongside Child Rights Connect. Finally, the Committee held an in-person consultation in Geneva with civil society organisations.

Questions and answers (Q&A) about the Discussion Day

Q: What is a Discussion Day?
A: The Committee regularly devotes one day of its session to a general discussion of a particular right or of a particular aspect of the Covenant. The purpose is threefold: this general discussion helps the Committee develop deeper understanding of the relevant issues; it enables the Committee to encourage inputs into its work from all interested parties; and helps the Committee to lay the basis for a future general comment.

Q: What is the program?
A: The draft program is available here.

Q: Is participation online or in-person?
A: Both. The format is hybrid. Prior registration through Indico platform is mandatory for participation.

Q: How can I register?
A: By registering in Indico through Indico.

Q: Can I register to make a statement?
A: This is not envisaged. But at the end of each panel time is allocated to raise questions.

Q: Can I submit my input?
A: Not yet.  However, later in the process of formulating the General Comment there will be a formal call for submission of input.

Q: Who are the panellist’s?
A: A list of short biographies is available here.

Q: Will there be interpretation?
A: From 10.00-12.00 and from 15.00-17.00 interpretation will be available in all six official United Nations languages. The remaining time (12.00-13.00 and 17.00-18.00) there is no interpretation.