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Discover groups and individuals who embody the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in action.

Human Rights 75 Youth Advisory Group

Meet the twelve inspiring young activists from around the world who work on a wide variety of human rights issues.

Venus Aves

Venus Aves, Philippines

Co-Founder, Balur-Kanlungan Youth Wellness Community

Mario Galbert

Mario Galbert, Jamaica

Director, children of the MAAFA, Caribbean Youth Climate Council Founder

Allyson Denisse Castillo Gonzalez

Allyson Denisse Castillo González, Chile


Stephanie Cohen

Stephanie Cohen, United Kingdom

Co-founder and Lead Organiser of the Halo Collective

David He

David He, Canada

Canada’s G20 Youth Representative and Former Leader of the Prime Minister’s Youth Council

Roger Kodzo Klomegah

Roger Kodzo Klomegah, Togo

Human Rights Monitoring, Youth Activism and Social Media Assistant, Amnesty International Togo

Rachael Kalinaki

Racheal Kalinaki, Uganda

Youth Representative, Integrated Disabled Women Activities, Advancing Rights of Women and Girls with Disabilities,  

Courteney Mukoyi

Courteney Mukoyi

Founder & Director, Justice Code Foundation, Leveraging Existing and Emerging Tech for Civic Good

Tala Odeh

Tala Odeh

Founding Member, NAMA Network of Human Rights Defenders, Supporting Defenders in the Middle East and Africa Region

Safayet Zamil Nowshan

Safayet Zamil Nowshan, Bangladesh

Organizing Secretary, Youth Engagement for Sustainability

Milena Rusu

Milena Rusu, Moldova

Founder, Feminismd, First Youth-led Gender Equality Organization in Moldova

Kaedan Watts

Kaeden Watts, New Zealand

Trustee, Te Waka Angamua and Strategic Advisor to 350 Aotearoa, Climate Change and Indigenous Rights Movements

Voices from the International Contest for Minority Rights

Artist Babatunde “Tribe” Akande

Akande is a queer and nonbinary, self-taught storyteller and multimedia artist from Lagos, Nigeria.

Photographer Karthoum Dembele

The French artist of Malian origin is using her passion for photography to fight for human rights.

Artist Andrew Wong

Born and raised in Hong Kong in a family practicing traditional Chinese culture, Wong, is a visual artist residing in the United States.


Human Rights Defenders

Francisco Vera

Francisco Vera

Colombian teen Climate Human Rights defender

Rosa Logar

Rosa Logar

Four decades of advocating for women's rights

Marina de la Fuente

Mariana de la Fuente

Combatting modern slavery

David Yambio

David Yambio

Refugee Human Rights Defender