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You can do your part in recognizing the relevancy and importance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Freedom, Equality, and Justice for All


Hold Public Readings of the Declaration

The Declaration’s 30 articles lend themselves to "public readings." It is a great way to promote visibility by inviting a local writer, an artist, a child, or human rights defender. The village square, school or clinic are spaces conducive to public readings.

Share a short video of your reading or event, using #HumanRights75.

Run for Human Rights

A “run for Human Rights” can be any length – 1km or more – and organised with schools for example in June or in the last quarter of the year leading up to Human Rights Day, 10 December, for increased resonance.

Share your run with us, so we can help support it!

Commemorate by candlelight on 10 December

Support Human Rights 75 by organizing concerts by candlelight in your hometown, on the 10th of December. Artistic expression by candlelight helps us pause to remember the sacrifices and courage of many with the accompaniment of music, song, or poetry readings. Together, let’s light up the planet on Human Rights Day, thanks to hundreds of city and town concerts by candlelight.

From one continent to another, from one candle to another, together we rekindle hope on the date of the signing of the Declaration in 1948.

Spread the word

Help us spread the word. Wherever we are, we can make a difference by standing up for everyone’s human rights. Use our hashtags #StandUp4HumanRights and #HumanRightsDay; Share our visuals on social media; and download and print our campaign posters

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Celebrate Human Rights Day with us

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Express your support with a frame

Show your support for the campaign by adding your photo to our special filter for Human Rights Day and other filters inspired by the UDHR. Share it on social media using the hashtags #StandUp4HumanRights and #HumanRightsDay and we will post it on our wall below.

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