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Closed meetings of the Human Rights Council

The States Members of the Council examine, in a confidential manner, the situations referred to it by the Working Group on Situations. During its closed meetings, which take place at its regular session, the Council may decide to:

  • Discontinue considering the situation when further consideration or action is not warranted;
  • Keep the situation under review and request the State concerned to provide further information within a reasonable period of time;
  • Keep the situation under review and appoint an independent and highly qualified expert to monitor the situation and report back to the Council;
  • Discontinue reviewing the matter under the confidential complaint procedure in order to take up public consideration of the same;
  • Recommend to OHCHR to provide technical cooperation, capacity-building assistance or advisory services to the State concerned.

All the material provided by individuals and Governments, as well as the decisions taken at the various stages of the procedure, remains confidential and is therefore not made public. This also applies to situations that have been discontinued.

The author of a communication and the State concerned are informed of the proceedings at each stage.