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Call for submissions


Disponible en español

The Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (FFM) invites individuals, groups, and organizations to submit information and documentation relevant to the FFM’s mandate.

The Fact-Finding Mission suggests individuals, groups and organizations to use the template below to submit relevant information and documentation (see template: English | español).

In order to preserve the security and confidentiality of the information submitted, the Mission recommends submitting it through the secure cloud created for this purpose. Please upload the template to the cloud, along with any relevant attachments.

Please note that individual acknowledgements of receipt of information will not be sent to the author(s). The FFM will prioritize review of information provided through the template. It should be noted that not all information sent to the FFM will necessarily be reflected in the final report. 

Contacting the Mission

In addition to sending information, the Mission is interested in contacting persons with direct information on the issues related to the Mission’s investigations. This includes victims, relatives of victims, witnesses and current or former state officials.

The Mission also recognizes the right to rectification of persons identified in its previous reports and invites such persons to submit information and/or documents they deem relevant for the purpose of exercising this right.

If you have any questions, please contact the Mission at [email protected]. If possible, and especially when the email contains confidential information, the use of secure email (e.g. using tutanota, hushmail or virtru or other encrypted emails) is recommended.

Suggested safety measures for sending information

Please ensure that no one is around you when communicating with the FFM. For example, do not send information from public places where you may be observed.

Keep your communication with the Mission confidential. As much as possible, do not tell your family, friends or others that you are communicating with the Mission or sending information.

After sending a message to the Mission, delete it completely from your device (including the reycle garbage can) and do not save the Mission's sending email address in your contacts.

If possible, and especially when the email contains confidential information, you are encouraged to use of secure emails (e.g. using tutanota, hushmail or virtru or other encrypted emails).