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General information about accessibility in Geneva

Airport access

The Geneva Airport is largely accessible to persons with disabilities. The airport is well connected by public transport. There are regular trains connecting the airport to Gare Cornavin (the train station). Bus routes 5 and 10 connect with the airport. For more information other bus routes, you can consult the Geneva Airport website at

If using public transport on arrival, you should remember to get a free public transport ticket that is valid for 80 minutes. The free ticket machine is located in the baggage claim area, just before the exit to the main arrival hall.

For persons using wheelchairs, the bus is a better option to and from the airport as the trains are usually not accessible. To use the train you are required to book special assistance at least an hour in advance for assist in boarding and getting off the train. However, no special notice is needed to use the bus. The bus stop is located at level E (Enregistrement, in French, departure level). From the arrival lounge take the lift to level E, exit out of the terminal and go toward the left for about 15 meters. Cross the road over the pedestrian crossing and you will reach the bus stop.

At the time of departure you may take bus route 5 to the airport from the Gare Cornavin bus stop.

Accessibility in public transport
Most hotels in Geneva will give you a free transport card. This card will allow you to travel for free on bus, tram, and boat in Geneva. If you do not have a free transport card, then you should buy your ticket from the machine before you get on the bus/tram/boat. Please be aware that not all ticket machines provide change.

Most trams and buses are accessible and the Geneva transport authority is constantly replacing inaccessible vessels with accessible ones. However, on any route if there is an inaccessible bus or tram that you encounter, then ask the driver when the next accessible bus or tram will be arriving, and she or he may call the dispatcher to find out.

While there is a button to press to indicate to the driver that a person with disabilities wishes to board, you need to indicate to the bus driver directly that you wish to board the bus. The driver will come and open the ramp so that you can enter. Let the driver know the stop where you want to get off. For the tram, while it is completely accessible, it is better to get into the carriage right behind the driver as those are indicated as accessible. Moreover, the driver can provide assistance if required.

Mobilité pour tous (Mobility for All) is a programme in partnership with Geneva Public Transport servicenetwork that provides free service to enable persons with vision impairments or walking difficulties (not wheelchair users) to travel on public transport network with a guide. The guides mostly speak only French.

The service is available from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. You need to book the assistance 48 hours in advance. Tel.: +41 22 328 1111. More details if the programme are available in French at:

Taxi services

Regular taxis must be reserved in advance, as they cannot be hailed in the street. Tel.: +41 22 331 4133.

You may book a saloon car taxi with a big boot / trunk, to store your foldable wheelchair by explaining so in French while booking,

Accessible taxi services with accessible vans are available and must be booked in advance. Please note that the booking officer may speak only French. Contact details below.

Maiandicap: Tel: + 41 22 361 22 07

Foyer Handicap: Tel: +41 22 794 52 52
Booking can be made Monday to Friday only.

Aloha Transport Mobile: + 41 79 321 12 21


Hotels are generally quite expensive in Geneva and not always accessible.  Due to the number of meetings and events occurring in Geneva, hotels tend to book up quickly.  We advise you to book your hotel at least two months before the session.  We recommend you provide detailed information about the accessibility requirements at the time of making your reservation.

There are plenty of internet websites that could help you identify places that are accessible in Geneva, such as:

Rental of assistive devices

Assistive devices can be rented in Geneva from the following organisations. We do not endorse any rental organization or its activities; our endeavour is only to provide information:

Fondation Foyer-Handicap: Tel.: +41 22 794 52 54

Medical Shop: Tel.: +41 22 781 20 00,geneva.html

Mobilité: Tel.: +41 22 344 42 55

Electric appliances
Should you need to charge any equipment, please note that electricity is supplied in Switzerland as 220 V. The Swiss power plug is different from all others found in the world. You can buy an adapter at the shops in Palais des Nations or at the airport.

This general information about accessibility in Geneva is provided by outside sources and is for informational purposes only; this does not constitute endorsement of, or an approval by, the United Nations of any of the texts, products and services presented here. The United Nations bears also no responsibility for the accuracy of the information presented on this page.

Public transport

Accessibility measures are available on public transports in Geneva.

Further information on public transportation in Geneva, such as itineraries, timetables and fares is available (in English and French) on the website of the Geneva Public Transport service at .

A smartphone application is also available for iOS and Android, which contains maps and itinerary planning tools. 

Tickets can be bought directly at the bus/tram stop (through the dedicated – touch-screen machines), via SMS or the App. No tickets are available inside buses or trams. More information is available on and