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Current experts

Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

The Expert Mechanism consists of seven independent experts selected in accordance with the procedure established by the Human Rights Council in resolutions 5/1 and 33/25.

Learn more about the nomination, selection and appointment of experts.

An Expert Partnership program is open for academics or academic institutions interested in joining the Expert Mechanism's academic partnership.

Members 2024 – 2027

NamesTerm expiring
Ms. Antonina GORBUNOVA (Russian Federation)2025
Ms. Anexa Brendalee ALFRED CUNNINGHAM (Nicaragua)2025
Ms. Valmaine TOKI (New Zealand)2025
Mr. Binota Moy DHAMAI (Bangladesh)2026
Ms. Dalee Sambo Dorough (United States of America)2026
Ms. Sheryl LIGHTFOOT (Canada)2027
Mr Ojot Miru OJULU (Ethiopia)   2027

Previous members of the Expert Mechanism

  • Ms. Margaret LOKAWUA (Uganda)
  • Ms. Laila Vars (Norway)
  • Ms. Megan DAVIS (Australia)
  • Mr. Rodion SULYANDZIGA (Russian Federation)
  • Ms. Erika M. YAMADA (Brazil)
  • Mr. Vital BAMBANZE (Burundi)
  • Mr. Albert K. BARUME (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
  • Ms. Kristen CARPENTER (United States of America)
  • Ms. Anastasia CHUKHMAN (Russian Federation)
  • Mr. Albert DETERVILLE (Saint Lucia)
  • Mr. John Bernhard Henriksen (Norway)
  • Ms. Jannie LASIMBANG (Malaysia)
  • Grand Chief Wilton Littlechild (Canada)
  • Mr. Belkacem LOUNES (Algeria)
  • Mr. Edtami MANSAYAGAN (Philippines)
  • Mr. José Mencio Molintas (Philippines)
  • Mr. José Carlos MORALES (Costa Rica)
  • Ms. Catherine Odimba Kombe (Congo)
  • Mr. Danfred TITUS (South Africa)
  • Mr. Alexey TSYKAREV (Russian Federation)