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Human Rights Council subsidiary bodies

On 18 June 2007, one year after its first meeting, the Human Rights Council adopted its "Institution-building package" (resolution 5/1) which details procedures, mechanisms and structures that form the basis of its work. Among those mechanisms the following subsidiary bodies directly report to the Human Rights Council:

The Council also established the following subsidiary expert mechanisms to provide the Council with thematic expertise and forums providing a platform for dialogue and cooperation. These bodies focus mainly on studies, research-based advice or best-practices. They meet and report annually to the Council:

The Council further established the following open-ended intergovernmental working groups to elaborate and/or negotiate and finalize new draft legal instruments or to make recommendations on the effective implementation of existing instruments:

The Council also establishes the Special Procedures mandates and appoints the respective mandate holders, which report annually to the Council from a thematic or country-specific perspective.