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United Nations Forum on Minority Issues

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UN Forum on Minority Issues

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UN Forum on Minority Issues

 Forum on Minority Issues



The Forum on Minority Issues was established to provide a platform for promoting dialogue and cooperation on issues pertaining to national or ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities, as well as thematic contributions and expertise to the work of the Special Rapporteur on minority issues. It was established pursuant to Human Rights Council resolution 6/15 of 28 September 2007, renewed by resolution 19/23 of 23 March 2012.

The Forum meets annually for two working days allocated to thematic discussions. The Special Rapporteur on minority issues guides the work of the Forum, prepares its annual meetings and reports on the thematic recommendations of the Forum to the Human Rights Council.

The President of the Human Rights Council appoints a Forum chairperson for each session. The chairperson is chosen from experts on minority issues, on the basis of regional rotation, and in consultation with regional groups. 

Purpose of the Forum

The Forum identifies and analyzes best practices, challenges, opportunities and initiatives for the further implementation of the Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities.


The Forum on Minority Issues is open to:

  • States
  • United Nations mechanisms, bodies and specialized agencies, funds and programmes; 
  • intergovernmental organizations; 
  • regional organizations and mechanisms in the field of human rights; 
  • national human rights institutions and other relevant national bodies;
  • academics and experts on minority issues; 
  • non-governmental organizations in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council; and 
  • other non-governmental organizations whose aims and purposes are in conformity with the spirit, purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations.

We particularly welcome participants belonging to minorities who are actively engaged in promoting and protecting minority rights.

Session themes

The Forum on Minority Issues has focused on the human rights of minorities in the context of issues such as hate speech and social media, education and learning, statelessness and more.

See the full list of themes

Key documents

Compilation of Recommendations of the First Four Sessions of the UN Forum on Minority Issues, 2008 to 2011



20 November 2020
Towards a safer space for minorities - 13th Session of the Forum on Minority Issues
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22 November 2018
Statelessness: a minority issue