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Everyone has a stake in the advancement of human rights and can play a part. The Human Rights 75 Initiative was supported in this anniversary year by parliaments from every continent through the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).

Partnerships are key to delivering on three main goals of Human Rights 75 - universality, progress and engagement - under the leadership of UN Human Rights. From youth engagement to gender equality and rule of law, climate change to sustainable development, parliaments are a powerful collective force for change.

Made up of 179 national parliaments, IPU fosters and facilitates global efforts in diplomacy, policy, and action to benefit all citizens. At an event organised by IPU and UN Human Rights in Geneva in June, parliamentarians committed to improving women’s rights in their local constituencies. Pledges made at the event include adopting zero tolerance codes of conduct and reporting mechanisms in parliaments on gender-based violence. They also committed to ensuring access to decent work and social protection for all women, and ensuring that the education system puts an end to gender stereotyping. Read the pledge

Parliaments have a crucial role to play in the Human Rights 75 initiative and are cornerstones of national human rights protection systems with links to national human rights institutions, civil society, human rights’ defenders and grass roots organisations. They are critical to ensuring governments’ compliance with international human rights obligations and in translating those into national legislation and policies.

The addition of parliamentarian voices as part of Human Rights 75 boosts the call for human rights to stay front and centre of the global agenda.

In this milestone year, countries and other actors worldwide are making pledges to further the promise of human rights for all. Parliamentarians can help generate pledges, for example to ratify a treaty, introduce or draft legislation, or initiate consultations on an issue of concern to civil society—these are just a few of the many opportunities.

Parliamentarians are joining the Human Rights 75 global movement of States, mayors, community leaders, youth, educators, entertainers and many more. Together, we are taking action to deliver on the common promise of human rights for everyone, everywhere.


Parliamentary round table, 22 June 2023
Parliaments and women’s rights: Implementing the CEDAW Convention, realizing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for all
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