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As stated in the Guiding Principles on Human Rights Impact Assessment of Economic Reforms human rights impact assessments should be a mandatory element in the design of all economic reform and adjustment programmes and avoid human rights violations.

—Mazen Shaqoura, Head, OHCHR Start-up team, Sudan


In October 2020, UN Human Rights launched the Hernán Santa Cruz Dialogue Series, creating a new platform for exchanging progressive ideas, experience and practices on economic and social rights, the right to development and the 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals, linked to the challenges of our times. Inspired by the vision and mission of Hernán Santa Cruz Barceló, an early architect of the UN human rights system who contributed immensely to the inclusion of economic and social rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the new Dialogue Series aims at increasing awareness and stimulate discussions within national settings, to promote the implementation of economic, social and cultural rights for people around the world.

Through the Hernán Santa Cruz Dialogue Series, focusing on various economic and social rights issues, UN Human Rights will engage with people across the world, in efforts to amplify their voices, and empower them to become agents of change in their societies. The Declaration on the Right to Development provides the vision of people-centred development anchored in international cooperation and solidarity, which is key to building more resilient and inclusive societies in all regions.

From 2020-2030 the Hernán Santa Cruz Dialogue will be hosted in different countries to stimulate forward-looking dialogue by thought-leaders and decision-makers to promote changes that can make a positive impact on the ground.

‘An Atmosphere of Genuine Solidarity and Brotherhood’: Hernán Santa-Cruz and a Forgotten Latin American Contribution to Social Rights

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