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Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Russia, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, USA


The Crimean Tatar language is the language of the indigenous people of Crimea - the Crimean Tatars, one of the Turkic languages included in the Altai family of languages, Kipchak-Polovtsian subgroup. Writing based on Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. In Ukraine, the Crimean Tatar language has the status of the language of the indigenous people of Ukraine and is the official language in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. In Uzbekistan, a periodical press is published in the Crimean Tatar language, radio and television broadcasts are conducted.

Currently, the Crimean Tatar language is listed by UNESCO as one of the endangered languages. The Crimean Tatar language was formed on the basis of the language of Kipchak tribes who inhabited Crimea from the VI century A.D. Three are three dialects in the language: northern, middle and southern. Three Crimean Tatar dialects were formed on the basis of Kipchak and Oguz dialects of the population of Crimea. Modern literary language developed at the beginning of the twentieth century on the basis of the middle dialect, as it is equally understandable for speakers of the other two. A feature of the development of the literary Crimean Tatar language in this period is the widespread use of the wealth of dialects.