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Translated into hundreds of languages and dialects from Abkhaz to Zulu, the UDHR set a world record in 1999 for being the most translated document in the world.

At present, there are 562 different translations available in HTML and/or PDF format. But the project of translating it continues and we need your help.

Our goal is to share the UDHR with the entire world, and anyone is welcome to contribute a new translation that is not already in the collection:


Efforts have been made to select the official or best available translations, produce new translations in widely spoken languages and, most importantly, to make the translations easily accessible to the public. It should be noted, however, that OHCHR bears no responsibility for the quality and accuracy of any translations other than those of the six official UN languages. OHCHR would appreciate receiving any feedback in this sense by competent agencies.


If UDHR translations or materials are reproduced, users should make reference to this website as a source by providing a link. All suggestions or modifications concerning translations posted on this website can be sent to [email protected].

Latest translation

View the latest translation of the UDHR: