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OHCHR and business and human rights

About business and human rights

ParkFactoryWorkersStates are obligated under international human rights law to protect against human rights abuse within their territory and/or jurisdiction by third parties, including business enterprises. Even if States do not fulfill their obligations, all business enterprises are expected to respect human rights, meaning they should avoid infringing on the human rights of others, and should address adverse human rights impacts with which they are involved. If abuses occur, victims must have access to effective remedy through judicial and non-judicial grievance mechanisms.

OHCHR's work on business and human rights

OHCHR leads the business and human rights agenda within the UN system.

OHCHR develops guidance and training relating to the dissemination and implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights for States, business, civil society, and other relevant stakeholders. This means:

The office is currently engaging in a number of major initiatives on priority topics and geographic areas:

Key documents

United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs)

The UNGPs are the global standard for preventing and addressing the risk of adverse impacts on human rights linked to business activity, and they provide the internationally-accepted framework for enhancing standards and practices with regard to business and human rights. The Human Rights Council unanimously endorsed the Guiding Principles in its resolution 17/4 of 16 June 2011.

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Frequently Asked Questions on the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

This publication explains the background and the contents of the UNGPs and how they relate to the broader human rights system and other frameworks. It aims to help both practitioners and newcomers to navigate and understand the Guiding Principles.

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The Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights: An Interpretive Guide

This interpretive guide focuses on the Guiding Principles that address the corporate responsibility to respect human rights. It was developed in full collaboration with the former Special Representative of the Secretary-General on the issue of human rights and transnational corporations and other business enterprises.

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Latest reports and resources

Maritime Human Rights Risks and the COVID-19 Crew Change Crisis: A Tool to Support Human Rights Due Diligence (2021)

Access to remedy and the technology sector: basic concepts and principles (2021)

Business and human rights in times of COVID-19 (2020)
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Key Messages on human rights, climate change and business (2020)

UN Human Rights "Issues Paper" on legislative proposals for mandatory human rights due diligence by companies (2020)

Improving accountability and access to remedy for victims of business-related human rights abuse through non-State-based grievance mechanisms (2020);

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