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OHCHR and older persons

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Analytical study on the promotion and protection of the rights of older persons in the context of climate change

This 2021 report by the High Commissioner, pursuant to Human Rights Council resolution 44/7, examines the human rights impacts of climate change on older persons and the related commitments and obligations of States. The report also highlights the benefits of climate action by older persons, provides examples of promising practice, and offers conclusions and recommendations.


High Commissioner's 2019 report on technical cooperation and capacity building

With their skills and experience built over a lifetime, older persons have the potential to make significant contributions to society and the economy. This report highlights programmes and activities undertaken by states and other stakeholders in enabling older persons to continue to contribute to society, and in fulfilling the promise of leaving no one behind set out in the 2030 Agenda.


High Commissioner's 2012 ECOSOC Report (E/2012/51)

General Assembly resolution 48/141 requests the High Commissioner to submit an annual report to the UN Economic and Social Council. The annual ECOSOC report is traditionally devoted to new developments in human rights issues related to the ECOSOC areas of competence. The 2012 focuses on the human rights situation of older persons, including an analysis of existing international instruments and gaps in the protection regime. Older persons represent a large and growing segment of the population and they face particular and urgent human rights challenges. As the report argues, these challenges relate equally to civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights. 


Follow-up to Second World Assembly on Ageing

The first report of the Secretary-General focusing on the human rights of older persons, pursuant to General Assembly resolution 65/182, was presented at the 66th General Assembly. The report identifies four main challenges older persons are facing in terms of human rights: discrimination, poverty, violence and abuse, and lack of specific measures and services. Key response areas to strengthen the international protection regime are also highlighted. These include eliminating financial exploitation and employment discrimination, establishing decent care facilities and encouraging participation in political life.