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Assessing the Effectiveness of National Human Rights Institutions


01 January 2005


National institutions and mechanisms

This publication is designed to assist National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) to measure their own effectiveness. It was prepared through a participatory process involving members of NHRIs and establishes measurement benchmarks and indicators for the compliance of national institutions with the Paris Principles. The publication first presents a set of benchmarks as the minimum normative condition that is desirable for a national institution to achieve its objectives. It is followed by a set of indicators, both quantitative and qualitative, to demonstrate progress achieved by the NHRI. These indicators of performance and impact are intended for a NHRI to be able to assess the human rights situation, its own performance and the impact of the institution on the enjoyment of human rights.




Published jointly by OHCHR with the International Council on Human Rights Policy

Print format:

A5 soft cover