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Training Package: Human Rights in the Administration of Justice: A Manual on Human Rights for Judges, Prosecutors and Lawyers


01 October 2006


Administration of justice

The training material on Human Rights in the Administration of Justice, developed by OHCHR, in cooperation with the International Bar Association, comprises a Manual and Facilitator’s Guide. This Manual offers basic information on international human rights law and the jurisprudence of universal and regional bodies and national courts. Each module addresses a specific human rights area. The Manual has multiple applications: as training material for collective exercises, as a resource tool for carrying out individual studies, and as a reference source for the interpretation and application of the law. Human Rights in the Administration of Justice has been developed for use in all kinds of courses and workshops involving the legal professions and not necessarily only in those organized by OHCHR or IBA. Its use is encouraged in the development of curricula, in pre-service training for future legal professionals and in the continuing education activities of professional associations. Note: The print version of this publication is available as an A4 ring-bound folder with dividers and accompanying CD-ROM of Manual.




Published jointly by OHCHR with the International Bar Association


1020- 1688

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