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Informing on children's rights

In Jordan, the Mizan Law Group for Human Rights organized a workshop entitled "Child labour - the actual reasons and solution as seen by working children". Participants included 74 children and 36 adults. UNDP reports that the workshop was well received and attended by the Government Minister for Social Development who committed the authorities to establishing a mechanism to finance schooling and pocket money for working children in Jordan who were currently not in school.  The grant recipient reports that it has established a committee, "Children for Children's Rights", to ensure that applicants for the above-mentioned financial assistance will receive help in completing a relevant questionnaire.

Comments: UNDP Jordan programme officer reports:"It is striking to see how much you can do with little money! You give it to the right, enthusiastic people on the ground and they do wonders with it!"  And, "I believe that very little seed money might often be exactly what it takes to move an idea from utopia to real action. In many cases I believe it is also of great help to have the blue print of a UN logo backstopping a project proposal. May I therefore give my strongest recommendations for the extension of the ACT fund idea."