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Human Rights Awareness Raising on selected topics

The Afghanistan Commission for Human Rights conducted a human rights monitoring project in Kabul, Afghanistan during the period August 2002-January 2003. The recipient observed and reported on human rights violations/abuses occurred in Kabul with respect to the rights of prisoners, rights of returnees, situation of women with respect to early and forced marriage. The Afghanistan Commission for Human Rights developed working relationships with the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (national institution), as well as with international media. The grant has thus enabled the recipient to gain in knowledge, and to improve its reporting skills.

The Afghan Professional Alliance for Minority Rights (APAMR) conducted in April 2003 a two-day training workshop on the International Criminal Court (ICC) in Afghanistan, which was part of a general campaign for the follow-up to the ratification of the Rome Statute by the Afghanistan Transitional Administration. The audience was composed of representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior, and representatives of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission, Attorney General Office, the Supreme Court, Faculty of Law, as well as NGOs’ representatives. During the session, an information folder was distributed and made available in local languages. APAMR also conducted two seminars on minority rights for local actors, and training on human rights for human rights defenders in Quetta ( Pakistan).

Women’s rights, Violence Against Women and Reproductive Rights

The Afghan Women Lawyers and Professionals Association (AWPLA) organized and conducted a two-day training workshop on women’s rights for 76 women of Mazar-e Sharif in Afghanistan in December 2002. Participants were able to learn about their rights and to report on their own situation. The recipient also established an office in Mazar-e Sharif.