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The Human Rights Council, in its resolution 39/3, decided to make youth the focus group of the fourth phase of the World Programme for Human Rights Education. This focus included special emphasis on education and training in equality, human rights and non-discrimination, and inclusion and respect for diversity with the aim of building inclusive and peaceful societies. An additional objective of the fourth phase was to align with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, specifically with target 4.7 of the Sustainable Development Goals.

OHCHR, in consultation with States, intergovernmental organizations, national human rights institutions and civil society, including youth groups and youth-led networks, elaborated a plan of action for the fourth phase of the World Programme (A/HRC/42/23), which was subsequently adopted by the Human Rights Council through resolution 42/7.


The following resolutions concern the World Programme for Human Rights and its fourth phase.

A/HRC/RES/42/7 (26 September 2019) 

A/HRC/RES/39/3 (27 September 2018)

A/HRC/RES/36/12 (28 September 2017)


A/HRC/51/8: Midterm report on implementation (28 July 2022)

A/HRC/42/23: Draft Plan of Action for the fourth phase (2020-2024) (26 July 2019)

A/HRC/39/35: Views of States, national human rights institutions and other stakeholders on the target sectors, focus areas or thematic human rights issues for the fourth phase (29 June 2018)



Plan of Action for the Fourth Phase of the World Programme for Human Rights Education (20 October 2022)



Compilation of resources on human rights education for youth



Stories of young human rights educators from around the world

  • Irfaan Mangera, a young human rights educator from South Africa fighting against racism and racial discrimination 

Young Activists Summit 2021

  • Gitanjali Rao, a young scientist from the United States, in using technology as a catalyst for social change 
  • Jose Quisocala, a young activist from Peru, in founding a bank for children to fight poverty and pollution 
  • Louise Mabulo, a young activist and farmer from the Philippines, in promoting sustainable farming and climate 
  • Lual Mayen, a young software developer and former refugee from South Sudan, in developing a video game to raise awareness on refugee issues 
  • Stacy Owino, a young tech-activist from Kenya, in preventing female genital mutilation
  • Titouan Bernicot, a young ocean conservationist from French Polynesia, in saving the future of our marine ecosystem

Learn more about the Young Activists Summit 2021.

Youth Standing Up for Human Rights (Human Rights Day 2019)

  • Arizza Nocum from the Philippines standing up for the right to education for all 
  • Arshak Makichyan from the Russian Federation taking to the streets every week to push for action on the climate crisis 
  • Bianka Rodriguez from El Salvador standing up for the equal rights and fair treatment for LGBTI people
  • Gina Martin from the United Kingdom using the power of social media to make up-skirting a criminal offence
  • Yuya from Mexico standing up to bullying