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The Annual Meeting of Special Procedures, established in 1994 and typically scheduled for June, provides mandate holders with a platform to engage in discussions on shared concerns, coordinate their activities and engage with various stakeholders, including States and civil society organisations. Details on each Annual Meeting and guidance on submitting information or points for consideration by mandate holders are available in the respective meeting listings below.

The Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action, adopted by the World Conference on Human Rights, emphasised the significance of preserving and strengthening the special procedures system. It specifically highlighted the need for procedures and mechanisms to harmonise and rationalise their efforts through regular meetings (Part II, para. 95). The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights was tasked with organising these periodic meetings of the special procedures by the Commission and the Human Rights Council, as outlined in CHR resolution 2004/76, extended by HRC decision 2/102.

Annual Meetings: