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Special procedures regularly make recommendations to countries and other stakeholders in their reports to the Human Rights Council.

All recommendations contained in country visits’ reports by special procedures since 2006, as well as direct access to the reports in which the recommendations are included, are accessible through the Universal Human Rights Index. These recommendations can be searched by topic, right, mandate, region or country. When using the Advanced search of the Universal Human Rights Index, a list of all recommendations made by all special procedures mandates on a particular topic, region or country can be generated.

Recommendations made between 2004 and 2009 were compiled, as below :

  1. Recommendations 2009
  2. Recommendations 2008
  3. Recommendations 2007
  4. Recommendations 2006
  5. Recommendations 2005
  6. Recommendations 2004

Recommendations made prior to 2004 can be found in the reports of the special procedures, accessible through their individual pages country mandates and thematic mandates.