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The Human Rights Council in its resolution 17/6, broadly defines the mandate of the Independent Expert on human rights and international solidarity as the promotion of “the realization of the right of peoples and individuals to international solidarity.” In order to pursue this goal, the Independent Expert is authorized “to seek views and contributions from Governments, United Nations agencies, other relevant international organizations and non-governmental organizations.” 

Country visits are an important method of promoting the Independent Expert’s mandate. They focus on the collection, study and observation of information, regarding the policies and actual practices of States that are relevant to the Independent Expert’s mandate. Read more about country visits.



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2022 Visit to Costa Rica (21 February-3 March 2022) A/HRC/53/32/Add.1
2019 Visit to Qatar (2-10 September 2019) A/HRC/44/44/Add.1

Comments by the State:
2018 Visit to Netherlands (5-13 November 2018) A/HRC/41/44/Add.2
2018 Visit to Sweden (23-27 April 2018) A/HRC/41/44/Add.1
2017 Visit to Cuba (10-14 July 2017) A/HRC/38/40/Add.1
2016 Visit to Norway (19-23 September 2016) A/HRC/35/35/Add.1
2016 Visit to Morocco (15-19 January 2016) A/HRC/32/43/Add.1
2012 Visit to Brazil (25-29 June 2012) A/HRC/23/45/Add.1