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Mr. Vernor Muñoz Villalobos, former Special Rapporteur (2004-2010)

Special Rapporteur on the right to education

Mr. Vernor Muñoz Villalobos, Special Rapporteur on the right to education from July 2004 to 2010, completed superior studies in Philology, Law, Human Rights, Philosophy and Education.

He has a wide experience on university teaching and on participative processes of Human Rights Education, as much in the superior education as well as in groups of children and adolescents, technicians, professionals and people without academic background. His experience includes the design and coordination of participative strategic planning on human rights.

He gained ample knowledge and experience in the defense of human rights areas as well as knowledge of social mass media and experience in the conception, design and planning of processes and institutional projects. He is experienced as lecturer, researcher and promoter of defense, promotion and human rights education, as well as in informal processes of conflict resolution.

Mr. Muñoz Villalobos is currently Director of the Human Rights Education Department at the Costa Rican Ombudsman Office, Professor of Civil Rights in Latina University of Costa Rica and advisor of Human Rights Education for Communication School of University of Costa Rica and other NGOs.

Last updated September 2020