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Country visits

Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression and opinion

The Special Rapporteur carries out country visits to assess the situation of freedom of opinion and expression at the national level and, where appropriate, to make recommendations for its improvement.

Country visit reports

Country visit reports
2024Philippines (February)Preliminary observations
2023Honduras (November)Report forthcoming
Preliminary observations

Serbia/Kosovo* (March)

* All references to Kosovo shall be understood to be in full compliance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 (1999).

Report forthcoming
Preliminary observations
2021Hungary (November)A/HRC/50/29/Add.1
Preliminary observations
2019Ethiopia (December)A/HRC/44/49/Add.1
A/HRC/44/49/Add.3 (comments by the state)
Statement in English and in Amharic
 Follow-up to Country Visits to Cote d’Ivoire, Honduras, Israel and the OPT, Japan and TurkeyA/HRC/41/35/Add.2 (More information)
Comments by the States
2018Ecuador (October)A/HRC/41/35/Add.1
Statement- Preliminary Observations
 Liberia (March)A/HRC/38/35/Add.3
StatementPreliminary Observations
2017Mexico (November/December)A/HRC/38/35/Add.2 (Advance unedited version)
A/HRC/38/35/Add.4 (comments by the state)
StatementPreliminary Observations
2016Turkey (November)A/HRC/35/22/Add.3 
A/HRC/35/22/Add.6 (comments by the State)
 Japan (April)A/HRC/35/22/Add.1 
A/HRC/35/22/Add.5 (comments by the State)
 Tajikistan (March)A/HRC/35/22/Add.2 
A/HRC/35/22/Add.7 (comments by the State)

Italy (November)



A/HRC/26/30/Add.6 (comments by the State)

 Montenegro (June)A/HRC/26/30/Add.1
(comments by the State on the report)
 Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (June)A/HRC/26/30/Add.2
A/HRC/26/30/Add.5 (comments by the State on the report)
2012Honduras (August)A/HRC/23/40/Add.1
A/HRC/23/40/Add.3 (comments by the State on the report)
2011Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories (December)A/HRC/20/17/Add.2
 Algeria (April)A/HRC/20/17/Add.1
A/HRC/20/17/Add.3  (comments by the State on the report) (French)
2010Mexico (August)A/HRC/17/27/Add.3
 Republic of Korea (May)



2009Maldives (March)A/HRC/11/4/Add.3
2007Honduras (November)A/HRC/11/4/Add.2
 Ukraine (May)A/HRC/7/14/Add.2
 Azerbaijan (April)A/HRC/7/14/Add.3
2004State Union of Serbia and Montenegro (October)E/CN.4/2005/64/Add.4
 Colombia (February)E/CN.4/2005/64/Add.3
 Côte d'Ivoire (January)E/CN.4/2005/64/Add.2
 Italy (October)E/CN.4/2005/64/Add.1
2003Islamic Republic of Iran (November)E/CN.4/2004/62/Add.2
2002Equatorial Guinea (December)E/CN.4/2003/67/Add.2
2000Argentina (June)E/CN.4/2002/75/Add.1
 Albania (May)E/CN.4/2001/64/Add.1
1999Tunisia (December)E/CN.4/2000/63/Add.4
 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (October)E/CN.4/2000/63/Add.3
 Ireland (October)E/CN.4/2000/63/Add.2
 Sudan (September)E/CN.4/2000/63/Add.1
1998Hungary (November)E/CN.4/1999/64/Add.2
 Malaysia (September)E/CN.4/1999/64/Add.1
1997Poland (May)E/CN.4/1998/40/Add.2
 Republic of Belarus (May)E/CN.4/1998/40/Add.1
1996Turkey (September)E/CN.4/1997/31/Add.1
 Islamic Republic of Iran (January)E/CN.4/1996/39/Add.2
1995Republic of Korea (June)E/CN.4/1996/39/Add.1
1994Malawi (October)E/CN.4/1995/32 (Chapter III)