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In this page, the UN Special Rapporteur shares all comments provided by the mandate to States on national laws, regulations and policies. The mandate regularly provides comments on the adequacy of normative and policy developments with international standards relating to the independence of the judiciary and the legal profession.

See below a list of letters concerning national legislation and standards sent by the UN special rapporteur and the responses from Government (if any) to these communications. 

Recent communications

Sri Lanka

  • 17 September 2020 – 20th Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka – OL LKA 9/2020
    Government reply: 14/12/2020


  • 30 de noviembre de 2020 – Iniciativas de reformas a la Constitución Política de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos y proyectos en el marco de la agenda parlamentaria de reforma al sistema de justicia –
    OL MEX 13/2020
    Government reply: 

Costa Rica

  • 27 de octubre de 2020 – Varias reformas legales que afectarían la independencia judicial –
    OL CRI 3/2020
    Government reply: 


  • 17 September 2020 – Amendments to article 159 of the Constitution on the Council of Judges and Prosecutors – OL TUR 15/2020
    Government reply:  08/10/2020


  • 26 May 2020 – Amendments to the Constitution, the Judicature Ordinance and the Lands and Titles Act – OL WSM 1/2020
    Government reply:

Costa Rica

  • 17 Julio 2019 – Proceso de selección y designación de las Altas Magistraturas Judiciales de Costa Rica – OL CRI 3/2019
    Government reply:


  • 17 May 2019 – Amendments to the Law on the Legal Status of Judges and the Law on Public Prosecutor’s Office – OL MNG 1/2019
    Government reply:


  • 28 January 2019 – Draft Law on the Bar and practice of law – OL UKR 1/2019
    Government reply:



  • 22 October 2018 – Law decrees adopted during the state of emergency undermining access to justice and the independence of the legal profession – OL TUR 15/2018
    Government reply:


  • 12 January 2018Amendments to the Act on Bar of 27 January 2000 and other laws undermining access to justice and the independence of the legal profession – OL AZE 1/2018
    Government reply: 26/03/2018