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The Special Rapporteur  is required by the Human Rights Council to present every year an annual report at one of its regular sessions. Currently the Special Rapporteur reports to the Council during its March session, in Geneva. The Special Rapporteur's annual reports normally include a focus on specific themes of particular relevance for the rights of minorities, as well as a description of the activities carried out during the year in the framework of the mandate. For further information on the thematic work of the Special Rapporteur please visit Thematic priorities. For the country visit reports of the  Special Rapporteur please visit Country visits. For all other documents related to the mandate please visit Documents.

Reports to the Human Rights Council

HRC/CHR sessionSymbol and linkTitle
HRC 55th session – 2024A/HRC/55/51Promoting diversity on minority issues to strengthen the universal dimension of human rights - Report of the Special Rapporteur on minority issues, Nicolas Levrat
HRC 52nd session – 2023A/HRC/52/27Mainstreaming minority rights at the UN and elsewhere: An Assessment of the 2013 UN Secretary General's Guidance Note and 30 years of the UN Declaration
HRC 49th session – 2022A/HRC/49/46Conflict prevention through the protection of the human rights of minorities
HRC 46th session - 2021A/HRC/46/57Hate speech, social media and minorities
HRC 43th session - 2020A/HRC/43/47Education, language and the human rights of minorities
HRC 40th session - 2019A/HRC/40/64Update on report on statelessness as a minority issue and the level of awareness-raising and visibility of minorities and their human rights
HRC 37th session - 2018A/HRC/37/66Dr. Fernand de Varennes – Priorities and vision of the mandate
HRC 34th session - 2017A/HRC/34/53Rita Izsák-Ndiaye - Reflections on the six-year tenure of the Special Rapporteur
HRC 31st session - 2016A/HRC/31/56Minorities and discrimination based on caste and analogous systems of inherited status
HRC 29th session - 2015A/HRC/29/24The human rights situation of Roma worldwide, with a particular focus on the phenomenon of anti-Gypsyism
HRC 28th session - 2015A/HRC/28/64Hate speech and incitement to hatred against minorities in the media
HRC 25th session - 2014A/HRC/25/56Ensuring the inclusion of minority issues in post- 2015 development agendas
HRC 22th session - 2013A/HRC/22/49Rights of linguistic minorities
HRC 19th session - 2012A/HRC/19/56Priorities for the work of the Independent Expert and the twentieth anniversary of the Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities
HRC 16th session - 2011A/HRC/16/45The role of minority rights protection in promoting stability and conflict prevention
HRC 13th session - 2010A/HRC/13/23Minorities and effective political participation: a survey of law and national practices
HRC 10th session - 2009A/HRC/10/11Cooperation with UN Bodies Mandate Mechanisms and Regional Organizations to promote the rights of minorities.
HRC 7th session - 2008A/HRC/7/23Minorities and the Discriminatory Denial or Deprivation of Citizenship
HRC 4th session - 2007A/HRC/4/9Minorities, Poverty and the Millennium Development Goals: Assessing Global Issues
CHR 62nd session - 2006E/CN.4/2006/74Report of the independent expert on minority issues

Reports to the General Assembly

GA sessionSymbolTitle
GA 78th session - 2023A/78/195Minority issues
GA 77th session - 2022A/77/246Protection of the rights of minorities in the institutions, structures and initiatives of the United Nations
GA 76th session - 2021A/76/162Minorities, equal participation, social and economic development and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
GA 75th session - 2020A/75/211Significance and scope of the four categories of minorities
GA 74th session - 2019A/74/160Study on the concept of a minority
GA 73rd session - 2018A/73/205Statelessness a minority issue
GA 72nd session - 2017A/72/165Minority issues
GA 71st session - 2016A/71/254Minorities in situations of humanitarian crises
GA 70th session - 2015A/70/212Minorities in the criminal justice system
GA 69th session - 2014A/69/266Preventing and addressing violence and atrocities against minorities
GA 68th session - 2013A/68/268Minority rights-based approaches to the protection and promotion of the rights of religious minorities
GA 67th session - 2012A/67/293Role and activities of national institutional mechanisms in promoting and protecting minority Rights
GA 65th session - 2010A/65/287Effective promotion of the Declaration on the Rights of Persons belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities