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Country visits and reports

Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief

Country visits are mandated activities carried out by the Special Rapporteur to get an in-depth understanding of country specific contexts of freedom of religion or belief. Each year, the expert can carry out up to two country visits. The visits are announced via upcoming visits and media advisory.

At the end of each country visit, the expert will present preliminary findings to the press, this includes a press release and an end of mission (EOM) statement. The expert will present the country visit reports to the Human Rights Council in March session each year.

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Terms of Reference for country visits by Special procedures

Completed visits

Press release / Statement
Comments from States & NHRC / Follow-up
15/08/19 to 26/08/19 Sri Lanka Media Advisory
Sinhala | Tamil

Press release
English | Sinhala | Tamil

EOM Statement
English | Sinhala
28/03/19 to 05/04/19 The Netherlands Press release
English | Dutch

EOM Statement
09/04/18 to 19/04/18 Tunisia   A/HRC/40/58/Add.1 A/HRC/40/58/Add.2
02/10/17 to 12/10/17 Uzbekistan   A/HRC/37/49/Add.2 A/HRC/37/49/Add.4
08/05/17 to 17/05/17 Albania   A/HRC/37/49/Add.1 A/HRC/37/49/Add.3
13/03/16 to 22/03/16 Denmark   A/HRC/34/50/Add.1 A/HRC/34/50/Add.2
31/08/15 to 09/09/15 Bangladesh   A/HRC/31/18/Add.2 A/HRC/31/18/Add.4
23/03/15 to 02/04/15 Lebanon   A/HRC/31/18/Add.1 A/HRC/31/18/Add.3
21/07/14 to 31/07/14 Viet Nam   A/HRC/28/66/Add.2
25/03/14 to 04/04/14 Kazakhstan   A/HRC/28/66/Add.1 A/HRC/28/66/Add.3
02/09/13 to 10/09/13 Jordan   A/HRC/25/58/Add.2 A/HRC/25/58/Add.4
30/06/13 to 05/07/13 Sierra Leone   A/HRC/25/58/Add.1 A/HRC/25/58/Add.3
29/03/12 to 09/04/12 Cyprus   A/HRC/22/51/Add.1 A/HRC/22/51/Add.2
01/09/11 to 08/09/11 Republic of Moldova   A/HRC/19/60/Add.2 A/HRC/19/60/Add.3
23/03/11 to 30/03/11 Paraguay   A/HRC/19/60/Add.1  
23/11/09 to 30/11/09 Lao People's Democratic Republic   A/HRC/13/40/Add.4 Follow-up
26/04/09 to 29/04/09 Republic of Serbia, including visit until Kosovo   A/HRC/13/40/Add.3 Follow-up
26/04/09 to 29/04/09 Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia   A/HRC/13/40/Add.2 Follow-up
04/09/08 to 10/09/08 Turkmenistan   A/HRC/10/8/Add.4 Follow-up
03/03/08 to 20/03/08 India   A/HRC/10/8/Add.3 Follow-up
20/01/08 to 27/01/08 Israel and OPT   A/HRC/10/8/Add.2 Follow-up
20/11/07 to 27/11/07 Angola   A/HRC/7/10/Add.4 Follow-up
04/06/07 to 15/06/07 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland   A/HRC/7/10/Add.3 Follow-up
26/02/07 to 01/03/07 Tajikistan   A/HRC/7/10/Add.2 Follow-up
06/08/06 to 10/08/06 Maldives   A/HRC/4/21/Add.3 Follow-up
26/02/06 to 05/03/06 Azerbaijan   A/HRC/4/21/Add.2 Follow-up
18/09/05 to 29/09/05 France   E/CN.4/2006/5/Add.4 Follow-up
02/05/05 to 12/05/05 Sri Lanka   E/CN.4/2006/5/Add.3 Follow-up
27/02/05 to 07/03/05 Nigeria   E/CN.4/2006/5/Add.2 Follow-up
07/09/03 to 13/09/03 Romania   E/CN.4/2004/63/Add.2  
31/08/03 to 07/09/03 Georgia   E/CN.4/2004/63/Add.1  
16/09/02 to 26/09/02 Algeria   E/CN.4/2003/66/Add.1  
23/04/01 to 30/04/01 Argentina   E/CN.4/2002/73/Add.1  
15/5/2000 to 24/5/2000 Bangladesh   A/55/280/Add.2  
30/11/99 to 09/12/99 Turkey   A/55/280/Add.1  
19/10/98 to 28/10/98 Viet Nam   E/CN.4/1999/58/Add.2  
22/01/98 to 06/02/98 United States of America   E/CN.4/1999/58/Add.1  
17/09/97 to 27/09/97 Germany   E/CN.4/1998/6/Add.2 Follow-up
17/02/97 to 01/03/97 Australia   E/CN.4/1998/6/Add.1 Follow-up
02/12/96 to 14/12/96 India   E/CN.4/1997/91/Add.1 Follow-up
18/06/96 to 25/06/96 Greece   A/51/542/Add.1 Follow-up
19/09/96 to 24/09/96 Sudan   A/51/542/Add.2 Follow-up
15/12/95 to 22/12/95 Islamic Republic of Iran   E/CN.4/1996/95/Add.2 Follow-up
12/06/95 to 22/06/95 Pakistan   E/CN.4/1996/95/Add.1 Follow-up
19/11/94 to 30/11/94 China   E/CN.4/1995/91 Follow-up