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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was truly global in its writing.

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Issues addressed in the thematic reports

Special Rapporteur on counter-terrorism and human rights

Main issues elaborated in the thematic reports of the Special Rapporteur to the Commission on Human Rights, the Human Rights Council and the General Assembly:

Issues Reports
Compliance with human rights by the United Nations while countering terrorism A/65/258 (paras. 17-80)
Conceptual framework of the mandate A/60/370 (paras. 5-10)
Conditions conducive to terrorism E/CN.4/2006/98 (paras. 64-66, 74)
Definition of terrorism E/CN.4/2006/98 (paras. 26-50, 72)
Economic, social and cultural rights in the context of countering terrorism A/HRC/6/17 (paras. 10-74)
Fair trial guarantees while countering terrorism A/63/223 (paras. 7-45)
Freedom of association and peaceful assembly and counter-terrorism A/61/267 (paras. 9-41 and 47-54)
Gender perspective on countering terrorism A/64/211 (paras. 18-54)
Intelligence agencies and their oversight in the fight against terrorism A/HRC/10/3 (paras. 25-78); A/HRC/14/46
Non-State actors E/CN.4/2006/98 (paras. 67-71, 74)
Prevention of terrorism A/66/310 (paras. 29-31)
Privacy A/HRC/13/37 (paras. 11-74)
“Profiling” in the context of countering terrorism A/HRC/4/26 (paras. 32-62, 83-89)
Refugee protection while countering terrorism A/62/263 (paras. 30-85)
Victims of terrorism E/CN.4/2006/98 (paras. 64-66, 74)
A/66/310 (paras. 20-28)
Secret Detention (Joint Study of the Global Practices) A/HRC/13/42
Suicide attacks as a form of terrorism A/HRC/4/26 (paras. 63-82, 90-97)
Ten areas of best practice in countering terrorism A/HRC/16/51 (paras. 8-39)
Victims of terrorism E/CN.4/2006/98 (paras. 64-66, 74)