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Country visits

Working Group on Business and Human Rights

As per resolution A/HRC/17/4, the Working Group is mandated to conduct country visits. Country visits provide an opportunity to enhance awareness at the country, regional and international levels of the specific issues and concerns under consideration. This is done through meetings, briefings, press coverage of the visit and dissemination of the report.

Learn more about country visits of the Special Procedures.

View the status of outstanding requests for country visits.

Reports and documents of completed country visits

BodiesSessionCountry and dates of missionSymbol and link to reportRelated documents
HRC56thJapan, July 24 – August 4 2023 Media Advisory (English | Japanese)
Press Release (English | Japanese)
End of Mission Statement (English | Japanese)
HRC53rdArgentina, 16 – 28 February 2023A/HRC/53/24/Add.3Media advisory (English Spanish)
Press release (English | Spanish)
Statement (Spanish)
HRC53rdLuxembourg, 1 -9 December 2022A/HRC/53/24/Add.2 
HRC53rdLiberia, 31 October – 11 November 2022A/HRC/53/24/Add.1 
HRC50thItaly, 27 September to 6 October 2021A/HRC/50/40/Add.2 
HRC44thGeorgia, 3-12 April 2019A/HRC/44/43/Add.1 
HRC44thHonduras, 19-28 August 2019A/HRC/44/43/Add.2 
HRC41stThailand, 26 March - 4 April 2018A/HRC/41/43/Add.1 
HRC41stKenya, 2-11 July 2018A/HRC/41/43/Add.2 
HRC38thCanada, 23 May - 1 June 2017A/HRC/38/48/Add.1 
HRC38thPeru, 10 - 19 July 2017A/HRC/38/48/Add.2 
HRC35thRepublic of Korea, 23 May - 1 June 2016A/HRC/35/32/Add.1 
HRC35thMexico, 29 August - 7 September 2016A/HRC/35/32/Add.2Media advisory 
Press release (English | Español)
End of mission statement (English | Español)
HRC32ndBrazil, 7-16 December 2015A/HRC/32/45/Add.1Media advisory
Press release
End of mission statement
HRC29thAzerbaijan 18-27 August 2014


Comments by the State A/HRC/29/28/Add.4

Media advisory
Press release
End of mission statement
HRC26thUnited States of America, 22 April-1 May 2013A/HRC/26/25/Add.4Media advisory
Press release
End of mission statement
HRC26thGhana, 8-17 July 2013A/HRC/26/25/Add.5Media advisory
Press release
End of mission statement
HRC23rdMongolia, 8-17 October 2012A/HRC/23/32/Add.1End of mission statement