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Country visits

Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances

Country visits provide the WGEID with a first-hand account of the situation concerning enforced disappearances, including institutional and legislative factors that contribute to such practices.

Visits are undertaken only at the invitation of a Government. However, the WGEID may solicit an invitation, based on factors such as the number, credibility and gravity of the reports received, and the potential impact that the visit may have on the overall human rights situation.

During the visit, members of the WGEID meet with:

  • Government authorities;
  • NGOs;
  • representatives of the legal profession; and
  • relatives of disappeared persons.

The conclusions and recommendations contained in the WGEID’s visit report are intended to assist Governments in identifying factors which may contribute to enforced disappearances, and provide practical solutions to implement international standards.

The Working Group welcomes the submission of information prior to, and following the visits. Read about submitting information to help the Working Group prepare its visit and report.  

See the current status of all WGEID country visits and invitations.

Recent country visit reports

Country Mission Report Follow-up
Honduras A/HRC/54/22/add.2  
Uruguay A/HRC/54/22/add.1  
Cyprus A/HRC/51/31/Add.1  
Kyrgyzstan A/HRC/45/13/Add.2  
Tajikistan A/HRC/45/13/Add.1  
Ukraine A/HRC/42/40/Add.2  
Gambia A/HRC/39/46/Add.1 A/HRC/48/57/Add.1
Albania A/HRC/36/39/Add.1 A/HRC/48/57/Add.1
Peru A/HRC/33/51/Add.3 A/HRC/42/40/Add.1
Sri Lanka A/HRC/33/51/Add.2 A/HRC/42/40/Add.1
Turkey A/HRC/33/51/Add.1 A/HRC/45/13/Add.4
Croatia A/HRC/30/38/Add.3 A/HRC/39/46/Add.2
Montenegro A/HRC/30/38/Add.2 A/HRC/39/46/Add.2
A/HRC/30/38/Add.1 A/HRC/39/46/Add.2
Spain A/HRC/27/49/Add.1
Comments by the State
Chile A/HRC/22/45/Add.1
Pakistan A/HRC/22/45/Add.2 A/HRC/33/51/Add.7
Republic of the Congo A/HRC/19/58/Add.3
Mexico A/HRC/19/58/Add.2
(22 February 1982)
Timor-Leste A/HRC/19/58/Add.1 A/HRC/30/38/Add.4
Bosnia and Herzegovina A/HRC/16/48/Add.1 A/HRC/27/49/Add.2
Morocco A/HRC/13/31/Add.1 A/HRC/22/45/Add.3
Argentina A/HRC/10/9/Add.1 A/HRC/27/49/Add.2
Guatemala A/HRC/4/41/Add.1 A/HRC/16/48/Add.2
Honduras A/HRC/7/2/Add.1 A/HRC/16/48/Add.2
El Salvador A/HRC/7/2/Add.2 A/HRC/22/45/Add.3
Colombia E/CN.4/2006/56/Add.1


Nepal E/CN.4/2005/65/Add.1  A/HRC/19/58/Add.4
Democratic Republic of Congo A/57/349
Sri Lanka E/CN.4/2000/64/Add.1  
Turkey E/CN.4/1999/62/Add.2  
Yemen E/CN.4/1999/62/Add.1  
Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina E/CN.4/1997/55  
Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina E/CN.4/1995/37 E/CN.4/1996/36
(February 1996)
Former Yugoslavia Joint mission with SR on Former Yugoslavia E/CN.4/1994/26/Add.1  
Sri Lanka E/CN.4/1993/25/Add.1
Philippines E/CN.4/1991/20/Add.1  
Guatemala E/CN.4/1988/19/Add.1  
Peru E/CN.4/1986/18/Add.1 E/CN.4/1987/15/Add.1
(October 1986)
Bolivia E/CN.4/1985/15