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The Policy Options for Transitional Justice in Ethiopia

26 January 2023

Delivered by

the UN International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia



The International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia acknowledges the publication by the Government of Ethiopia of its draft Policy Options for Transitional Justice, dated January 2023.  The document offers a first step towards a locally-owned transitional justice initiative by inviting feedback various stakeholders, in furtherance of Ethiopia's obligations under Article 10 of the Agreement for Lasting Peace between the Government and the Tigray Peoples’ Liberation Front. 

The Commission notes positively the reference to international obligations and African standards of transitional justice.  In fulfilling its mandate from the UN Human Rights Council, the Commission welcomes the opportunity to discuss with the Government the various components of transitional justice to provide advice on the options presented for consultation; in particular, to strengthen inclusive, gender-responsive, victim and survivor-centered approaches to accountability, truth-telling and reconciliation, reparations, and the necessary policies for non-recurrence of violations.

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