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Madagascar: Call to respect independence of judiciary and freedom of expression

Comment by UN Human Rights spokesperson Thameen Al-Kheetan on intimidation of opposition members after elections in Madagascar

20 June 2024

In Madagascar, several opposition members and independent candidates who queried the conduct of the recent legislative elections have reportedly been subjected to apparent reprisals from the authorities, as well as other forms of intimidation and threats.

A number of opposition members and leaders have reported receiving threatening and intimidating calls both before and after the poll. Two independent candidates, who filed complaints about poll irregularities, have been charged with arson and “attacks against State security”. They were placed under house arrest for 17 days before being charged. Their rights to due process must be fully respected.

As the High Constitutional Court continues to examine complaints related to the 29 May election, we urge respect for the independence of the judiciary. We also call on the authorities to ensure respect for the rights to freedom of expression and of peaceful assembly. Arrest and detention as punishment for the legitimate exercise of such rights are arbitrary. This creates a climate of fear, discouraging citizens from freely exercising their full range of civil and political rights.

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