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Freedom of opinion and expression

Podcast: Reporting on the environment

16 May 2024

Reporting on the climate emergency and the environment. © OHCHR

Journalists covering the environment play a fundamental role in informing and educating the public about the climate emergency and in holding governments and companies accountable for environmental damage.

In our new episode of the UN Human Rights Podcast, we listen to three journalists from different parts of the world talk about the challenges and dangers of reporting about the environment.

British investigative journalist Clare Rewcastle Brown, editor-in-chief of online news site Sarawak Report, has faced legal harassment for exposing environmental and corruption issues in Malaysia.

From Togo, Djatougbe Aziaka explains the importance of protecting environmental journalists so they can do their important work. “When we talk about climate change, we highlight, we open eyes, we denounce, and we also call for action,” she said.

Victoria Gill, an award-winning science correspondent for BBC, says reporting on the environment can influence government policies and change the public’s hearts and minds.

Listen to Humanity Unites: Reporting on the environment.