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Information for civil society, NGOs and National Human Rights Institutions

Human Rights Committee

Victims, civil society actors, and National Human Rights Institutions have a key role to play in helping the Human Rights Committee to fulfil its mandate effectively. Their participation in the Committee’s activities is essential to provide a comprehensive picture of the situation in States parties, and of the way they implement the rights and obligations enshrined in the Covenant.

Civil society actors and National Human Rights Institutions can contribute to the work of the Committee in different ways. The Committee has adopted a document on its relationship with civil society actors (CCPR/C/104/3) and with National Human Rights Institutions (CCPR/C/106/3).

You can find specific information regarding deadlines, accreditation and the programme of work of the Committee on each session page.

Formal requirements for written submissions
  1. Deadline: Written submissions must be sent to the Committee within the deadlines indicated in the “Information note for victims, civil society organizations and National Human Rights Institutions” published before each session.
  2. Language: Written submissions must be in English, French or Spanish.
  3. Form: Written submissions should be as concise and precise as possible. They should be limited to a maximum of 10,000 words (approx. 15 pages).
Further suggestions
  • Make written submissions as specific, reliable, and objective as possible;
  • Please use non-abusive language;
  • Highlight priority concerns and suggest possible country-specific recommendations; and
  • We encourage reports prepared by coalitions of organizations.