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In accordance with Rule 56 of procedures, the Committee may prepare and adopt general comments on the provisions of the Convention in order to promote its implementation, to assist States parties in fulfilling their obligations, and to clarify the scope of the Treaty for all actors.

Throughout the process of elaboration of the General Comment, the Committee consults with external actors and partners, including civil society actors (victims, non-governmental organisations, the academia, individual experts, etc.), National Human Rights Institutions, regional and international human rights mechanisms, United Nations bodies and specialised agencies and other international actors.

The process of adoption of General Comment by the Committee currently includes 13 steps
  1. Decision of the Committee to prepare a General Comment and nomination of the rapporteurs.
  2. Presentation of a draft concept note by the Rapporteurs to the Plenary of the Committee.
  3. Adoption of the concept note by the Plenary of the Committee.
  4. Call for written inputs and contributions on the concept note.
  5. Organization of regional consultations on the concept note.
  6. Systematization and analysis of received inputs by the Rapporteurs.
  7. Discussion of the information received by the Plenary.
  8. Preparation of the draft General Comment by the Rapporteurs (1st draft).
  9. Adoption of the 1st draft by the Plenary.
  10. Call for inputs on the 1st draft.
  11. Inclusion of amendments by the Rapporteurs.
  12. Adoption of the General Comment by the Plenary.
  13. Launching and diffusion of the General Comment.

The Committee highly values and welcomes all contributions, comments and inputs.

Latest general comments

Date adopted General comment status Topic
18 September 2023 Adopted Enforced Disappearances in the context of Migration