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Reporting guidelines

Committee on Enforced Disappearances

All States parties submit reports to the Committee on how they implement the rights protected by the Convention. States must first report within two years of ratifying the Convention. They then submit a follow-up report on the measures taken to implement the Committee’s recommendations. The Committee may also ask States to submit a report on ‘additional information’ within a timeline determined by the Committee. The Committee examines each report and addresses its concerns and recommendations to the State party in the form of ‘concluding observations’.

Guidelines for reporting to the CED

The purpose of these reporting guidelines is to advise States parties on the form and content of their reports, to ensure reports are comprehensive and presented in a uniform manner.

Tips and advice

States should consider the reporting process, including the preparation of their reports, as a way to ensure compliance with their international obligations. It is also an opportunity to assess to what extent they have managed to protect and promote the rights of the Convention, and to prevent enforced disappearance and enhance the cooperation and assistance between States. Such an exercise is key to enabling more efficient policy planning and implementation of the Convention.

Reports benefit from broad-based consultations and constructive engagement. States parties should encourage and facilitate the involvement of victims, specialized civil society organizations, and other civil society actors in the preparation of their reports.