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Days of general discussion

Committee on the Rights of the Child

The purpose of the days of general discussion (DGDs) is to foster a deeper understanding of the contents and implications of the Convention in relation to specific articles or topics.

Representatives of Governments, non-governmental organizations, United Nations human rights mechanisms, United Nations bodies and specialized agencies, national human rights institutions, the business sector, as well as individual experts and children are welcome to take part.

At its 61st session, the Committee decided to hold its days of general discussion on a biennial basis.

Year Topic/Link to the page Related materials
2021 Children’s rights and alternative care Outcome report
PDF: English | Français | Español
2018 Protecting and Empowering Children as Human Rights Defenders Outcome report
PDF: English | Français | Español
2016 Children’s Rights and the Environment Outcome report
Word | PDF
2014 Digital media and children’s rights Outcome report (PDF)
Word: العربية | 中文 | English | Français | русский | Español
2012 The rights of all children in the context of international migration Outcome report (PDF)
2011 Children of incarcerated parents Report and recommendations (PDF)
2008 The right of the child to education in emergency situations Report (Word)
2007 Resources for the Rights of the Child - Responsibility of States Report (Word)
2006 The right of the child to be heard Report (Word)
2005 Childen without parental care CRC/C/153 (Word)
2004 Implementing child rights in early childhood Report
2003 The rights of indigenous children Report (PDF)
2002 The private sector as a service provider Report (PDF)
2001 Violence against children within the family and in school Report (PDF)
2000 State violence against children Report (PDF)
1999 10th Anniversary: General measures of implementation Report (PDF)
1998 HIV/AIDS Report (PDF)
1997 Children with disabilities Report (PDF)
1996 The child and the media Report (PDF)
1995 Juvenile justice Report (PDF)
1995 The girl child Report (PDF)
1994 Role of the family Report (PDF)
1993 Economic exploitation Report (PDF)
1992 Children in armed conflict Report (PDF)