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人权宣言 - Galician (Galego)



Galician (Galego)




Officially Recognized Language: Galicia/Spain


It belongs to the Indo-European family, Romance group, and is spoken by over 1 million people, though at least 3 million of Galician inhabitants can speak it. Probably only half of them use it regularly at home, preferring it over Spanish. Mistakenly, Galician is sometimes referred to as a «Portuguese dialect». The opposite would be more correct, as medieval Galician was the parent language of both modern Portuguese and modern Galician. Galician is intermediate between Portuguese and Spanish, but closer to Portuguese. Portuguese has about 85% intelligibility to speakers of Galician. There is an Academy of the Galician Language. It has had many decades of development as a language of serious literature, including poetry, essays on novel, ideological, philosophical, and sociological topics, and for all levels of education, including higher education. A growing sense of ethnic identity and of the Galician language.